Why There Are No Big Scores Now In IPL?

Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League, Cricket saw bowlers treated like anything in the opening stages of the series. They were smashed all over the park. It was raining sixes and boundaries every time. Everyday you would see a score of 200 plus, in just 20 overs! It was the period when 20-20 was at it’s very best :)

But now, you will see occasional sixes, usually in last 5 overs of an inning. Scores are round about 150-175 and not much excitement, apart from matches still being competitive as both the batting teams struggle to make runs freely!

So ever wondered why there are no big scores in the match, anymore?

Well our public survey reveals the facts straight forward:

1. The big guns are all gone. Who were they? Brendon McCullum, who alone scored 158 in his innings, usually more than what is being scored in present matches. Then there were likes of Michael Hayden, Andrew Symmonds, Michael Hussey and others. They really started IPL in the fashion which no one could. There departure certainly brought a sigh of relief in the camp.

2. Some people feel that the bowlers have become smarter. And Desibaba agrees to this point. Bowlers have suffered a lot. And it was time to take revenge. They are doing much more things, trying all kind of deliveries and have now adapted to the game. They now know which balls are difficult to get away with, which bowl can be safe to bowl, etc etc. Good to see Balaji and Ashish Nehra coming back! Also, with the likes of Shoaib Akhtar, the dashing speedster, 20-20 is never going to be same!

3. Deteriorating pitches:Probably the biggest of all causes. The nature of all pitches are changing. They are becoming slower. Less batsmen friendly. Of course that’s a big factor in any ground or even any country. Too much cricket is terrible for the pitches!

4. Closing stages of the game? Some of the people suggested that IPL is half over! Now it’s all about stats and the wins. It’s days about serious cricket now. Pressure is high up. Ranking is the thing players worry about! So everybody is playing seriously and not just throwing their bats around. Sanath Jayasuriya and Virendra Sehwag are some exceptions. There batting remains same whatever the condition be!

So these are the four points that came out in Desibaba’s survey. What do you think of the survey and the answers? Do you one of your own, then do let us know! :)

Eat Cricket, Sleep Cricket….arggghhh What the hell, just enjoy cricket my dear Desibaba fans!