Poonam Pandey During Nasha Promotion

The hot and sexy, Poonam Pandey, played the main lead role in the recently launched movie “Nasha”. It’s fair to say that me, Desibaba, totally diggs Poonam Pandey. I find her very attractive and she is bold, beautiful and doesn’t give a damn about what other says.

Poonam Pandey was happy to oblige the photographers with different poses as she promoted her debut movieĀ “Nasha”, wherein Poonam plays the role of a hot sexy seductress.

Recently she was at a promotional event for the movie Nasha. And Poonam Pandey looked incredibly hot in this black outfit. I have been following her on twitter for quite sometime and she is a thing of beauty. She loves her body, takes good care of it. I don’t know her but DesiBaba is proud of her. She gives me motivation to workout on my body and look good all the time. I love her. I will try to bring more and more pics of her. Meanwhile checkout these pics from the recent promotional event for “Nasha”.

Poonam Pandey For "Nasha"Poonam PandeyPoonam Pandey For "Nasha"Poonam Pandey For "Nasha"Poonam Pandey For "Nasha"Poonam Pandey For "Nasha"Poonam Pandey For "Nasha"Poonam Pandey For "Nasha"

P.S. Make sure you visit your nearest movie halls and watch Poonam Pandey’s debut movie “Nasha”. And don’t be Naughty while Poonam plays a Hottie ;)
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Prachi Desai – The Cute Innocent Gal Next Door

Prachi Desai needs a little introduction. Many of us came to knew her for her powerful role as “Bani Walia” in the television drama called “Kasamh Se”. She really made a place for herself in Indian television industry with just one television show under her belt. But she did go on to sign some other shows like “Kasauti Zindagi Ki” where she made guest appearance in Prerna’s school and her character was named Prachi Desai. It was just a two day cameo. Anyways, she also entered a dance competition named “Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 2″ which is the Indian version of the famous television show “Dancing with the Stars”. Prachi happened to won that competition after she impressed each and every judge, week after week with her gorgeous dancing talent. :)

Anyways, Prachi Desai remained on small screen till then, and she was just a TV artist. Until, she came on the big screen with Farhan Akhtar in 2008. The film as you all know it, was Rock On! What an amazing movie that was. I still watch it time to time. And Prachi had a short but an awesome role in the movie. Her talents came to light with her first break n the big screen and now she really turned into a big celebrity. She came in another movie called “Life Partner” which frankly i haven’t seen yet. So no comments. And then she recently was seen in the movie “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai” with big co-stars like Ajay Devgan, Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut. She really have established herself now and i think she is ready for any big challenge!

Prachi Desai is really cute if you ask me. We all love her for her simplicity and she is really like cuddly teddy. But don’t under estimate her, for she can be sexy and sweet at the same time. It’s just a gift! She truly can be a Cute Devil :)

Here are some recent pics of her! Enjoy!!!!!!

Prachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi DesaiPrachi Desai