Sana Khan 40 Sexiest Pics

The incredible beauty Sana Khan was born on 21st August, 1987 in Mumbai, India. She passed out 12th grade from Mumbai itself but she decided to give up studies and pursue a career in modeling at an early age. At present she is an Indian actress and a model and a dancer apparently (which i didn’t know) ;)

Sana Khan is very popular with advertisement industry. She has done more than 50 advertisements till date. And she has been into modeling followed by advertisements and feature films. Mostly south Indian films. Personally i haven’t seen any of these films. But that’s my limitation because i do not understand their language. Sana Khan on other hand, has done more than a dozen films in 5 different languages. Ha Ha Ha…I am an MBA and M.Tech with loads of other degrees and i can speak Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu. She is 12th Pass and she can speak more languages than me. LOL

Anyways, for me, Sana Khan gained more popularity when she jumped on the Big Boss 6 wagon, as a contestant. It was at this time that i first saw this incredible beauty. Before entering the show, she said in an interview, “I am going to flaunt my age and the fact that I am the youngest. I am going into the house without any preparation. I want to be spontaneous and show the world the real me.” Sge gained a huge audience with that show and she became so popular that she was ranked third in Big Boss 6.

Anyways, i did want to see a video of an advertisement by Sana Khan. It was launched in March 2007. It’s an Amul Macho video where Sana Khan was seen provocatively scrubbing and washing a men’s underwear (obviously), simulating an orgasm. However, the ad was banned from television by the Indian government on grounds of sexual profanity. I tried finding it but no luck.

Some words by Sana Khan:
“I come from a conservative background with absolutely no filmi (film-related) connections. But my mother stood by me when I started my modeling career and continues to support me even after I joined the film industry.”
“I’m a very positive, lively and happy person.”
“True friends are difficult to get. I value true friendship. I don’t like to talk to people whose intentions I can’t understand. It’s the end of conversation for me. I don’t sugar-coat my words.”

Let’s checkout some sexy and some sweet photographs of the beautiful Sana Khan:


Now that i have researched for her biography, i realized that she was in video of “Billo Rani” from “Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal” as well.. Ohhh…I really love that song.

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